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#REDJanuary Day 26

My whole life I believed that my body was wrong in some way and that exercise was a way of punishing my body for this wrongness. I've worked hard to overcome these feelings and this month I have been for a run every day, I've had fun, I'm happier, more relaxed, more motivated, more energetic & my friends and I have raised money for charity. I haven't thought about punishing my body once. But I've thought a lot about improving my mental health. When I started this challenge, my instinct was not to worry about how far I was running or how fast; but intrigue got the better of me and I installed an app called Strava this morning to measure my run. The app told me to "quantify my suffering" and get my "suffer score" whatever that is, and it properly annoyed me! I didn't think I was suffering. I actually thought I was doing something good for myself. I think this language of pain and suffering is really damaging, and

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